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"Rooted in bluesy riffing and stoner psychedelia, the band’s debut and self-titled album embodies the definition of samsara as it takes you on a wandering journey through the astral plains of psychedelic stoner music. Bringing in elements of the Palm Desert scene, Samsara Joyride is a blend of peaceful soundscapes that gradually evolve and flourish into fuzz-soaked riffs." (distortedsoundmag.com)  
  "SAMSARA JOYRIDE is a narcotic album, but it is also an album where forcefulness appears in every song to remind us that heavy psychedelia is its main creative engine. His captivating vocal passages complemented by shamanic moments, seem designed for introspection and the encounter with oneself." (denpafuzz.com)
"Samsara Joyride is quite adept at writing music that is both entertaining and interesting. The riffs flow like water, the guitar solos are incredibly tasteful yet exciting, and the vocals are some of the best that I’ve heard in this genre in quite some time." (tomsreviews.tumblr.com)  
  "Anyone who likes melancholic, time-consuming Southern sound with influences from the 70s, blues and more will get an album from SAMSARA JOYRIDE with everything that belongs to the genre, but also with a very own, special feeling. Maybe soon more than just an insider tip." (earshot.at)