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February, 2024

Join us for the release of our new album!
On February 23rd we're playing at the Chelsea in Vienna. Joining us on stage are Great Rift. More info to be found following this presale link.

January, 2024

Our upcoming album 'The Subtle and the Dense' is up for preorder.

December, 2023

The production of our upcoming album is under way. Head over to our FB page to catch a first glimpse.

August, 2023

We are proud to announce and be part of the Tonzonen Records family!
Thanks so much for releasing the next album with us.

June, 2023

What an adventure it was!

Our next album turned out exactly the way we wanted it to be: better than we ever imagined!

And what a lucky find we had in Hannes Mottl. The guy is the best! Seriously. Every input – technical or creative – was spot on. And he seems to never sleep. Texting at 4am informing us that he returned to the studio 'cause I had an idea that I needed to work on right away'.

Enough said.
It will take a while before being available to public. In the meantime you can find a few of the new songs among our videos.

April 14, 2023

Only one week away and we're off to the studio.
Next weekend recording on our 2nd full length album starts.
Looking forward to work with producer Hannes Mottl, giving our best to extend his extraordinary portfolio.

Jan. 2023

Samsara Joyride On Tour!
A gig in Linz, a week later three concerts abroad. It's called a tour.

Oct. 18, 2022

Get ready for our release show on Nov. 2nd 2022 at Chelsea Vienna, we hope you'll join us to celebrate our first full length album.
Feel free to preorder your ticket … or pay full price on site.

If you're still haven't decided, we got another treat for you.
The fantastic Red Machete from Linz will join us on stage and open the evening with a blast!

Sep 5, 2022

Album is done!
In a couple of weeks we will start shipping out the physical CD of our self-titled first album.
Listen to it or preorder if you like what you hear.

Jun. '22

While finishing up the tracks for the album, we're preparing a lot of new material.

Feb. '22

Working on our first full length album. Nine tracks.

Nov. '21

First studio recording session.
Two days we recorded all instruments (live as group), on the third day vocals and some guitar fills/soli.
An intensive and very productive weekend.
Thanks to JAM Music Studio in Merano/Italy.